Aqua-Duck fills swimming pools faster than any ordinary human being

Aqua-Duck Water Transport delivers crystal clear water straight from a municipal water supply to your swimming pool — fast.

Whether you’re putting in a new inground or above ground pool or topping off your existing one, we’ll schedule your water delivery exactly when you need it — including evenings and weekends. And you can count on us being there when we say we will.

Scheduled delivery times
Prompt delivery service
A professional delivery team

Aqua-Duck Water Transport also provides bulk water hauling for your commercial and jobsite needs. Call Aqua-Duck and we’ll be there quicker than you can quack.

Aqua-Duck provides swimming pool water and bulk water transport in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,  North Carolina, and Tennessee

Don’t run the well dry

If you get your household water from a well, don’t lower the water table just to fill your swimming pool – or take the risk of burning out your pump.

Call Aqua-Duck and let our team of professional drivers supply all your bulk water needs. This isn’t a sideline business for us — it’s what we do for a living. So we always do it right.

Clear water at prices that won’t ruffle your feathers

With Aqua-Duck, you’ll get delivery of clear water – guaranteed! No matter whether you get a scheduled delivery or need emergency service, you’ll find our prices are very competitive. The water you need…when you need it…without getting soaked. (That’s a little duck humor.)

And if you want water for a commercial or jobsite, we can handle that too. Whatever your bulk water needs, call Aqua-Duck Water Transport.